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Our Instructors

Tom Hightower
Tom Hightower is one of our original instructors here at CKO Westerleigh in Staten Island and has been a regular on our class schedule for over five years now. Tommy has always been an avid gym goer and been involved in martial arts and fitness for nearly 12 years, receiving his red belt in both Tae Kwon Do and Hapkido. His full body workouts incorporate a mix of kickboxing, MMA, cardio and body weight exercises. Currently finishing his studies in sports medicine at N.A.S.M., Tommy is also available for personal training
Anna Diggs
For the past four years Anna has been a staple on CKO Westerleigh's class schedule. Since High School she has always taken fitness seriously from playing softball, basketball or her weekly routines of calisthenics and step-aerobics, staying fit has been a favorited pastime of Anna's. A former dedicated CKO member, Anna told us"after feeling the burn from the strenuous and articulate work out I knew from the first day I'd be hooked." Now as an instructor devoted to training others with her own "rough and tough" style. Anna is always challenging herself to perfect her high energy classes playing a pumping kick ass music set and focusing on pushing and motivating members to achieve their fitness goals! Since becoming a CKO Addict Anna continues taking her fitness goals to the next level incorporating different methods of training and recently completed the High Rock Challenge.
Rafael Algarin
Rafael Algarin is an original member of the CKO Kickboxing Westerleigh Staten Island team and has been transforming members into fitter, healthier version of themselves for over five years now. With his extensive experience in martial arts, kickboxing, boxing, powerlifting and as a Certified Personal Trainer he is a wealth of knowledge. Rafael has a Black belt with KSW - Kuksoolwon Federation, a Red belt with ITF - International Taekwondo Federation, and Red belt with GTF - Global Taekwondo Federation. Rafael is also a former member of the National Olympic Weightlifting Federation, as both a competitor and assistant coach. His latest endeavor is with USA Amateur Boxing, participating in the NY Daily News Golden Gloves. Want to take your boxing skills to the next level? Sign up for a focus mitt session with Rafael and we promise you it will be the best, most fun, and invigorating workout of your week!
Liz Modena
Liz Modena is an instructor at CKO Kickboxing Westerleigh in Staten Island and hers is a story of a member turned trainer. Liz began her CKO journey as one of the first members of the Westerleigh location and what started out as a membership quickly became so much more. With a tremendous passion for fitness and exercise she found CKO classes by far the "most fun, effective and addicting." Liz stood out very early on by the way she was always pounding on the bag with every kick, punch, and non-stop energy! It was clear Liz had the skills and passion to become an instructor and has been part of the CKO team for over four years now. Her classes are a mix between high intensity fitness kickboxing, plyometric, and target muscle group training. Her goal is to give you a complete head-to-toe workout in 60 minutes. Liz offers personal training and small group training sessions as well. When not at CKO, she is BUSY being a full-time second grade teacher and full-time mom to the best son.
Nicole Malpeso
Nicole Malpeso is another member-turned-trainer story and instructor at CKO in Westerleigh, Staten Island. Nicole started with the CKO Westerleigh family as a college student looking to stay in shape. It wasn't too long before she was a regular at the club constantly taking classes and always motivating others around her. With a background in boxing taught to her by her father starting at a young age, and as a standout multi-sport athlete in high school it was clear Nicole would be a great addition to the CKO Westerleigh team. She is an aspiring amateur boxer, currently training for the NY Daily New Golden Gloves tournament. Nicole's classes offer non-stop combinations of boxing & kickboxing conditioning, cardio, and strength training. You will leave Nicole's classes feeling confident and motivated. Nicole is also available for personal and small group training.
Gennara Musto
Gennara Musto is an Instructor of both Adult and Children's Group Fitness Kickboxing classes here at CKO Kickboxing in Westerleigh, S.I., and is another CKO success story. With a love for kickboxing, Gennara became a member of the Club in 2014 and instantly became "addicted, taking up to 8 classes a week often times doubling up, taking 2 classes a day. The classes pushed me to my limits and I enjoyed the challenge." We quickly noticed how Gennara was relentless on the bag and her enjoyment and passion for the workout was apparent. If she wasn't taking classes you would often see in our Personal Training area working with CKO Trainer Rafael pounding on the punch mitts, constantly working to improve her boxing and self-defense skills while taking her fitness to the next level. It was obvious Gennara would be a great addition to the CKO Staten Island Westerleigh Team. Gennara is a Certified Personal Trainer with the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). She has also received her Sports Nutrition Certification with the American Council of Exercise (ACE) and is available for Personal Training and Nutrition Coaching. Gennara is currently attending the College of Staten Island pursuing a career in childhood education.
Chris Roldan
Chris Roldan is an instructor at CKO Kickboxing Westerleigh, Staten Island. Chris is an all-around athlete, who enjoys kickboxing, cross fit, basketball and also running in his free time. Chris is also a certified personal trainer. Chris has been a great addition to our Trainer Team as he aims to apply his individual fitness instruction experience and acquired boxing techniques to the CKO Kickboxing group fitness class setting. He strives to create a dynamic full body workout that individuals of any age and fitness level can participate in and enjoy. Chris has a B.S. in Psychology and will soon be joining the NYC Police Department. Chris is also available for Personal and Small Group Training.
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